knightsbrook hotel weddling bride bridesmaids makeup hair makeup artist bridal makeup artist

How to choose your Makeup Artist


knightsbrook hotel weddling bride bridesmaids makeup hair makeup artist bridal makeup artist

The make up artist you pick for your wedding day can really make or break your look…
Whether your a makeup lover or makeup is a complete unknown to you these tips should help you find the right person.

All makeup artists have a signature style. Be it glowing skin, stand out eyes etc etc. You need to decide what style it is that you want to go for and start looking up makeup artists that create the looks that you love.

Instagram, Facebook and online forums are a great place to start but be sure to look for Bridal makeup photos, not just occasion makeup. You need to be able to see how their past brides look from real weddings and know that they have bridal experience. If you come across a makeup artist and when scrolling you love everything about their work…contact them!

Read reviews from previous brides. If a bride takes the time out to leave a review and thank their make up artist then you’ll know they’ve done a good job.

Have you been to a wedding before and absolutely loved the brides makeup? If so, ask her what makeup artist she had. Nothing beats seeing their work in reality. Ask your friends and family for their recommendations too, chances are they’ll know of makeup artists that you might not have heard of.

Create a shortlist of all the makeup artists that you like the look of and get in touch to check availability, price and most importantly if they’d be a good fit for you. Have a chat with them and see if your comfortable with them and that their style & vision matches yours. 💖


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Pamela Knightsbrook Hotel July 2019

How to choose your wedding hair & makeup look.


Pamela Knightsbrook Hotel July 2019


Are you a smokey eyes & neutral lip kinda girl or do you prefer the natural understated look? Are you torn between wearing your hair up or leaving it down? Your makeup artist & hairstylist will give you all the advice you need at your trial to help decide what will work best but it’s always a good idea to have a couple of looks in mind. Heres a little bit of advice on how to choose…

Your dress is probably the biggest influence on your hair and makeup so it’s always a good idea to have chosen it before booking your hair & makeup trial. A flowing Boho inspired dress works well with loose textured upstyles, braids, soft beach waves and fresh glowing makeup. A sleek, structed hairstyle with full glam makeup just wouldn’t do it justice. However, smaller elements from both looks can be combined to create the perfect finish. It’s all about balance. Also, you need to think about the neckline of your dress for your hair. If for example, the back of your dress is very heavily detailed, wearing your hair down over it is going to hide all the gorgeous embellishments so in this case wearing your hair up or over one shoulder will work best.

Staying with hair, we see a lot of brides that feel they have to wear an upstyle on the big day and that’s fine if your someone who regularly wears your hair up but if you never wear your hair up and absolutely shiver at the thoughts of it being put up then please don’t feel that you have to have an upstyle for your wedding day. I know some brides are afraid to wear their hair down incase curls don’t last or the wind might ruin it but there are so many different tools & products on the market nowadays to ensure your style lasts all day without a strand moving out of place.

Moving onto makeup, there are lots of trends when it comes to bridal makeup, one minute its all about fresh glowing skin, soft shimmer on the eyes with a hint of colour on the lips. The next it’s full coverage matt base and dramatic eyes. Both are amazingly beautiful and I love creating one just as much as the other.
But the most beautiful look is the one thats staying true to your own sense of style. If your someone who never wears makeup, your wedding day isn’t the day to rock up with a heavy, madeup look. Your poor Groom won’t know who’s coming up the aisle to him!!  But more importantly, you won’t look like you!!
Your wedding day makeup should be about looking like the most beautiful version of you so if red lipstick and lashes are your go to then absolutely wear them with pride on your big day.

Remember, you have to look back at your photos and know that you looked and felt like you so please don’t follow trends, stick with what you know works for you

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration but make sure your looking at pictures with similar features to you. A style done on blonde hair looks totally different on brunettes. Equally, makeup on a brown eyed, sallow complexion won’t look the same on a blue eyed fair skinned girl. Gather up the images that you like and bring these with you to your trial, here we will work with you taking snippets of the pictures into consideration and create your unique wedding day look

Because we do both hair and makeup you’ll get to see both done together and it’s always a nice idea to schedule a dress fitting for afterwards. Always check that your bridal shop allows you wear makeup to fittings first.


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Station House Hotel, November 2019, Elaine Barker Photography

Why Booking an experienced Morning Prep team is so important


Station House Hotel, November 2019, Elaine Barker Photography

For women, your wedding day is probably one of the most important events in your life so looking your absolute best is a must.

As a bride, you need to be able to look back on your photos and know that you not only felt amazing on the day but that you look beautiful in the photos too. The last thing you want to see are mismatched eyebrows, overly rosy cheeks and a flat complexion.

Bridal make up is renowned for being soft, dewy and radiant. A professional, experienced bridal makeup artist knows everything that needs to be done to ensure that you will be the glowing bride that you deserve to be.

We are trained in contouring your face and therefore will know how to accentuate your best features. We will use only top quality products giving you the perfect finish that will last all day. This is essential if you want to continue looking your best all day with lipstick and possibly powder being the only makeup needed for touch ups.


The same goes with hair.

A professional hair stylist knows how to cope with every type of hair – fine, thick, frizzy, wavy, curly or straight. We know what its going to take to hold it in place and have loads of tools to ensure your chosen style lasts all day.

We are experienced at attaching a veil or headpiece without compromising the hairstyle or running the risk of the accessories falling out. We also know how to make your hair look balanced, full and flattering ensuring your hair looks good from every angle.

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boyne hill house wedding bride bridesmaids morning prep

Bridal Skin Care Tips

boyne hill house wedding bride bridesmaids morning prep

Make up is a wonderful thing!! I love the transformations we can do with it but mostly I love the confidence it can give a person, me included!!

As a bride to be, you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day and this is why booking a top makeup artist is so important. BUT if you want that added oomph I truely believe it starts with getting the skin in tip top condition. By doing this you will get the most from your makeup products and have that radiant glow that every bride craves.

Here are my top bridal skincare tips:

💕 Drink more water.

Water intake will help to balance hydration levels and rid the body and skin of toxins.

💕 Reduce sugar intake

This is especially important as you get closer to your Big day. Itll help prevent any sugar related breakouts and reduce any inflammation in the skin

💕 Nutrition

This essential when it comes to glowing skin. You need to feed your skin from within by eating a healthy well balanced diet of fruit, veg, proteins etc and ideally supplement. Applying Active ingredients to your skin and supplementing at the same time will supercharge your skin results.

Some recommended supplements are:

Skin Vit A = Vitamin A is essential for a healthy skin and for skin cells to function the way they are supposed to.

Skin Omegas = Omegas are amazing especially where hydration is a concern, Omega supplements will hydrate the whole skin from head to toe.

Probiotics = These are healthy bacteria that we take for gut health. They help to fight gut inflammation and in turn help our bodies absorb nutirents such as your supplements

💕 Don’t make drastic changes,

Please dont try new treatments or products in the last few weeks leading up to your big day as they may cause an adverse reaction, Maintain the same routine you have been following and your skin has gotten used to.

💕Visit a skincare therapist

If budget allows visit a skin therapist at least 6-12 months prior to the big day to allow enough time to see real improvements to the skin. During your initial visit your therapist will build a plan to suit you and your budget. This will cover home care and professional treatments.

Including active ingredients in your home care will get you the best results for your skin such as ….
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Hyaluronic acid serum
These will help strengthen, repair, hydrate, reduce fine lines and give an over all healthy skin.



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Bridal Trial

boyne hill house wedding bride bridesmaids morning prep

As your big day gets closer its a good idea to book in with us for a hair and make up trial. Here you will get an early glimpse of how you will look on the big day.

During the trial you will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas, likes and dislikes. We will have a look through the photos of looks that you like and take inspiration from them to try out different hair and makeup looks that will enhance your natural beauty.

With many years of experience working in the bridal industry, we will be able to offer our professional advice and support throughout the trial to leave you feeling assured that your look will be the one that is perfect for you.

After your trial we will provide you with a detailed account of your makeup and hair style along with some pictures and product recommendations for topping up on the day.

Trials take place at our studio and we recommend having it around 3-6 months prior to the big day. They last roughly 1.5/2.5 hours.

Some tips to get the very best from your trial…

💞 Arrive to your trial completely makeup free and have your hair washed from the night before. Don’t use a straighteners on it or put any product in your hair.

💞 Bring photos of hair and makeup styles that you like. Try not have too many though as this can end up confusing you. Pick your top 5 favourites. We will use these as inspiration and adapt them to suit your features.

💞 Bring your veil, hair accessories, and earrings if you have them. Don’t worry if you don’t, we can tweak your hairstyle on the day to allow for them.

💞 Bring a photo of your dress so we can get a sense of the overall style your going for. It helps to see the neckline too so we can advise on hairstyles that will compliment it.

💞 Wear white (or whatever colour your wedding dress is). The colour your wearing will impact how the makeup looks so a plain white/cream t-shirt will allow you see the makeup properly. If you can get one with a similar neckline to your dress even better!!

💞 Wear tan! If you plan to wear tan on your wedding day, please have a similar shade on for your trial. It changes the finished look massively so for you to get a truer indication of the finished look, it’s best to have the tan on for the trial too.

💞 Let us know if theres anything in particular that you know you definately do or don’t want. If you have your heart set on certain details like fresh flowers in your hair, a favourite lipstick etc let us know and we will incorporate them into your look!

💞 Be open to our suggestions. We know what were doing, we’ve done it thousands of times so give us a little bit of freedom, allow us to play around a little and have an open mind!

💞 Be honest! If you don’t like something, let us know! We won’t be offended. Your trial is about trying out different looks, ironing out any kinks and being safe in the knowledge that you will look absolutely amazing on the day!

And lastly…

💞Make plans to go out after your trial, maybe arrange a nice lunch with the girls. Your gona look absolutely gorgeous so go out and show it off!

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knightsbrook hotel wedding bride bridesmaids morning prep

Wedding Morning tips

knightsbrook hotel wedding bride bridesmaids morning prep


I’ve never been so happy to see weddings happening again, I’ve missed the morning bants so much!! It’s such a special time and it’s really important to enjoy those last few hours as a single lady 💖

Some tips to make it that little bit more special…

💕 Get an early(ish) night
Its so easy to sit up into the wee hours chatting & maybe enjoying a beverage or 2 but do you really want to wake up tired or worse still hungover? Go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up feeling refreshed & ready to enjoy the best day of your life!!

💕 Get everything ready & set out the night before.
Your photographer will want photos of your dress, shoes, perfume, jewellery, bridesmaids dresses etc so its a good idea to have these laid out ready for him/her. If you have a spare room, pop them in there out of the way. Have your overnight bag packed from earlier in the week & either dropped to the hotel or sitting at the front door, don’t pack anything in it that you’ll need on the morning… Bridesmaids this goes for you too!!  Have your dress hanging up & if it’s fabric that creases easily, invest in a steamer, trust me, your photos will thank you later!!

💕Make sure you eat!
It can be hard to eat when your so excited but it’s a long day & having a really good breakfast will set you up nicely. If nerves are an issue avoid the greasy fry up. Porridge, fruit or yogurt might be a better option. If cooking at home make sure hair & makeup is set up away from the kitchen, you don’t want the smell transferring onto your hair. Same goes for the dresses, keep them away from the kitchen.

💕Pretty PJs.
Treat yourself & the bridal party to some nice pyjamas and/or robes. These not only look good in photos but you’ll feel good in them too. Look out for ones with a wide neck, skinny straps or buttons. You don’t want to ruin your hair by pulling a tight fitting tshirt over it.

Spotify has some really good wedding morning playlists or you could ask the bridesmaids to create a play list for you. Songs that remind them of you, that you danced to as teenagers, your favorite boyband etc. We find anything goes really & the cheesier the better!  Having good music always makes for a really fun atmosphere!

💕Give yourself plenty of time.
Its a busy morning with lots of people coming and going. Make sure you take time to relax with your family & friends, capture some lovely photos but most importantly enjoy the morning! Aim to have your hair and makeup done at least 1.5hours before your due to leave so there’s plenty of time for getting dressed. Once your dress is on, take 5 minutes to yourself, have a proper look in the mirror & drink in how absolutely stunning you look!!

💕And lastly, get the party started!!!
Pop open the bubbles and enjoy a toast with your nearest & dearest!! You’ve put your heart & soul into planning your big day, make sure you enjoy it!! It’s goes by so quickly so savour every moment

💕Bonus tip…Child of Prague!!
Is it even an Irish wedding without the Child of Prague hiding under a shrub?? Ask your Aunty Mary, Granny Ann, Uncle Mickey and all the neighbours to pop this little guy out for you. Lord knows we need all the help we can get on the weather front!!

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Boyne Hill house Navan

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions all answered below …

How far in advance should I book my hair & makeup team?

The average is 12-18 months out from the big day. However, if you have your heart set on a particular team, its never too early to book.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up & would like a natural look. Would be that ok?

Yes. It’s really important to feel comfortable and look like YOU on your big day so we will start with minimal make up and build it up to a point where you feel it’s just right.

When is a good time to get a hair and make up trial?

3-6 months out from the big day is what we recommend. This will give you enough time to implement and see results from any skincare recommendations.

I’m not sure how I want my hair & make-up, will you advise me?

Of course, we are here to help! We like to get to know you first and look at photos of your dress and your ideas, and then we’ll make suggestions of what we think will look the most beautiful. We’ll explore different options with you, showing you what will most suit your dress etc. We want you to be 100% happy and if there’s something you’re not sure about we can change it until you are.


boyne hill house darren byrne photography and film sunday world
Photo credit – Darren Byrne Photography and Film


Does the hair trial need to be on the same day as the makeup trial?

Because we do both hair and makeup you will automatically have both done together. If however your only having makeup or hair done with us its a good idea to arrange the trials for the same day. Itll give you a better idea of your overall look.

Do I need to bring pictures of looks that I like?

We love our brides to bring photos of what styles they like. It can sometimes be hard to explain what you like so the pictures will give us a better understanding of your preferences.

Should I bring my veil to my hair trial?

Its not necessary but if you have your hair accessories then yes, bring them with you. Its nice to try them out beforehand and incorporate them into your chosen style.

Should I wear tan to my makeup trial?

If your wearing tan on the big day then its a really good idea to pop some on for the trial too. Tan changes your skintone completely so to get a better idea of how your makeup will look with tan applied, having it on for the trial helps.

Should I apply tan to my face?

No. I personally dont like tan applied to the face. Sometimes spray tans rub off and will make your face uneven/blotchy. I can easily match your face to the colour of your tan on your neck

I have scars on my face, will you be able to cover them?

Yes absolutely. Makeup is a wonderful thing. It can be applied with the lightest of touches for a natural finish but it can also be built up to cover anything your conscious of and would like hidden. There are lots of specialist products available too depending on the level of scarring.

What if I don’t like my hair or makeup at my trial?

Be honest – if you don’t like something, let us know! We won’t be offended. Your trial is about trying out different looks and ironing out any kinks. We dont always get the look right first time but remember, hair and makeup can be changed once you tell us what parts you dont like. We want you to leave safe in the knowledge that you will look absolutely amazing on the day

How long should I allow for hair and make-up on the morning of the wedding?

It depends on the size of your bridal party. We allocate 45 mins per person and always aim to have hair and makeup finished 1.5 hours before your due to leave to give lots of time for getting dressed and taking photos.


Darren byrne photography and film knightsbrook hotel
Photo credit – Darren Byrne Photography and Film

Will you fix my veil & hair accessories for me?

Yes, absolutely. We stay with you right up until your ready to leave making sure you look perfect for walking up the aisle. Once your in your dress we will do any top ups thats needed and fix your veil into place.

 Will the make-up and hairstyle last all day?

Most definitely! My extensive kit has been developed through years of working in the makeup industry. The quality and longevity of the products I use are so important when it comes to bridal makeup.
Hair is prepped using high end tools and only good quality styling products and pins are used for holding everything in place.

Do I need to buy makeup for touch ups on the day?

The only products you should need throughout the day are lipstick /lipgloss and a setting powder. Everything else like foundation, concealer, eyeshadows etc once applied correctly should last perfectly for you.

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Knightsbrook hotel wedding morning prep hair makeup bride bridesmaids

Morning Timings

Knightsbrook hote wedding morning prep hair makeup bride bridesmaids

Do you want your wedding morning to be a chilled out, stress free and enjoyable experience??

If so I think it’s really important to book an experienced “Morning Prep Team” that will ensure this happens.

A lot of brides are under the assumption that they should go last for makeup or hair but this is never a good idea. If there are any delays throughout the morning, do you really want to be the one being rushed and end up stressed to the max??!  If your makeup artist or hair stylist advises you to go last, please insist that you go somewhere in the middle. Trust me, going last is a bad idea

On the morning of a wedding, we’ll do 2/3bridesmaids first (depending on the size of your bridal party) then the bride and any remaining bridesmaids & mums. I like to have 90% of my brides makeup done by the time the photographer arrives because let’s face it, very few of us want to see photos of ourselves without makeup. There are still lots of opportunities to get photos of having your makeup applied when Im doing the finishing touches/top ups.

With regards to the start time, its super important to let me know what time you plan on leaving at.

Writing “1pm ceremony” into the diary is pointless if your ceremony location is an hour away. I need to know the time your going to be leaving your house at and will work back from there. ☺️

Ideally, we will aim to have hair and makeup finished at least 1.5 hours before your due to leave. This gives lots of time for getting dressed (don’t forget those corset backs and tiny little buttons can take a while so allow for this) placing veil, doing top ups but most importantly taking photos and spending time with your family, friends & bridal party.

If it means starting as early as 6.30am, it’ll be worth it! Well arrive about 15/20 mins before the first person is due to be in the chair and will have already sent you a schedule of the running order of the morning. Its really important that everyone is ready for their allocated time to ensure there are no delays along the way.

Morning timings are something that I’m really passionate about and have always said from day one that a bride will never be late to her ceremony because of us. Thankfully it has never happened.

I love that our brides always have loads of time to chill out and really enjoy her last few hours as a Miss! 💖💖

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Knightsbrook hotel wedding bride bridesmaid

Bridal Lipstick

Knightsbrook hotel wedding bride bridesmaid

The lipstick you choose for your wedding day can alter the whole look of your bridal makeup so it’s important to get it right and feel comfortable wearing it. If you don’t normally wear colour on your lips, your wedding day is not the day to be road testing.

The shade you wear is very much a personal choice but I will help choose a colour combination that I think will suit you & compliment the rest of the bridal makeup I have applied.

Below is a list of shades that I know works well for brides and many of my clients continue to wear their bridal lip colour long after their wedding day.

💋 Nudes 💋
Nudes are by far the most popular option when it comes to bridal lip colour. They are perfect for the natural brides or those who want their eyes and dress to do the talking.
Some of my favourite nudes are:
Velvet Teddy
Creme Cup
Peach Blossom

Charlotte Tilbury :
Kim KW
Penelope Pink
Dancefloor Princess

💋 Pinks 💋
Pinks are beautiful on a romantic bride. From baby pinks to deep magenta theres wide range to choose from.
Some of my favourites are:
Please me
Hot Gossip

Charlotte Tilbury
Secret Salma
In Love with Olivia

💋Reds 💋
A red lip on your wedding day is a massive commitment but when worn with confidence is absolutely stunning!! Finding the perfect red can be a challenge but there is a red lipstick out there for absolutely everyone!! If your natural skin tone is fair with pink hues look for a red with blue undertones. If your more olive skinned a red with an orange hue will work best.
My favourite reds are:
Ruby Woo
Lady Danger
Russain Red

Charlotte Tilbury
Red Carpet Red
Walk of Shame


Tom Ford
Ruby Rush
Cherry Lush

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Pre Wedding Hair Care

Much like the skin, hair needs some TLC for it to look its best. So with that in mind here are some tips to achieve beautiful tresses for your wedding.


***Visit your hair dresser about 12 months prior to the big day so they can do an in depth consultation regarding colour and condition. Having this consultation 12 months out from the big day will give plenty of time to start in salon and home treatments. The healthier the hair, the better it will look on the day.


***After your initial consultation its advised to visit your hair salon every 6-12 weeks. However, depending on how quickly your hair grows, the condition of your hair and desired colour your stylist will advise how often you need to visit. If your having a complete colour change its advised to do this gradually and to always make sure your hair is being protected with a specialised hair strengthening system. Never decide on a new colour a month before your wedding. Overlapping colour can be damaging for your hair so only colour where necessary and use toners etc for the ends. If growing your hair you will still need regular trims to remove the split ends.


***Homecare is just as important as salon visits and using professional products will improve your hairs condition and complement your in salon treatments. Having a consultation for hair products is important to ensure you are using the correct products for your hair type and so your stylist can explain how and when to use them. Your stylist will advise the correct shampoo, conditioner or treatment (depending on condition).


***Heat protection is super important. If you wouldn’t sunbathe in 30 degrees without sunscreen then don’t apply 230degrees to your hair without heat protection. There are lots to choose from but again your stylist will advise what one is best for your hair type and condition.


***As with skincare, supplements can work wonders for your hair but only in conjunction with a good hair care routine. Hair growth, hair loss and scalp condition is determined by your inner health so staying healthy, eating well, reducing stress levels and maintaining good mental health will lead to healthy hair.


***Visiting your hairdresser for your final cut/colour should be done 10days/2 weeks before your wedding. If your hair growth is quicker, 1 week before is perfect. You want to give time for any little tweaks that might need to be done.


And finally, its always a lovely treat to book in for a wash and blow dry the day before your wedding. It can be a busy day so finding time to do it yourself can be hard leading to it being rushed and possibly not washed correctly. A professional wash and blow dry will leave your hair perfectly smooth for the morning of your wedding.

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