Knightsbrook hotel wedding morning prep hair makeup bride bridesmaids

Morning Timings

Knightsbrook hote wedding morning prep hair makeup bride bridesmaids

Do you want your wedding morning to be a chilled out, stress free and enjoyable experience??

If so I think it’s really important to book an experienced “Morning Prep Team” that will ensure this happens.

A lot of brides are under the assumption that they should go last for makeup or hair but this is never a good idea. If there are any delays throughout the morning, do you really want to be the one being rushed and end up stressed to the max??!  If your makeup artist or hair stylist advises you to go last, please insist that you go somewhere in the middle. Trust me, going last is a bad idea

On the morning of a wedding, we’ll do 2/3bridesmaids first (depending on the size of your bridal party) then the bride and any remaining bridesmaids & mums. I like to have 90% of my brides makeup done by the time the photographer arrives because let’s face it, very few of us want to see photos of ourselves without makeup. There are still lots of opportunities to get photos of having your makeup applied when Im doing the finishing touches/top ups.

With regards to the start time, its super important to let me know what time you plan on leaving at.

Writing “1pm ceremony” into the diary is pointless if your ceremony location is an hour away. I need to know the time your going to be leaving your house at and will work back from there. ☺️

Ideally, we will aim to have hair and makeup finished at least 1.5 hours before your due to leave. This gives lots of time for getting dressed (don’t forget those corset backs and tiny little buttons can take a while so allow for this) placing veil, doing top ups but most importantly taking photos and spending time with your family, friends & bridal party.

If it means starting as early as 6.30am, it’ll be worth it! Well arrive about 15/20 mins before the first person is due to be in the chair and will have already sent you a schedule of the running order of the morning. Its really important that everyone is ready for their allocated time to ensure there are no delays along the way.

Morning timings are something that I’m really passionate about and have always said from day one that a bride will never be late to her ceremony because of us. Thankfully it has never happened.

I love that our brides always have loads of time to chill out and really enjoy her last few hours as a Miss! 💖💖

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