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Pre Wedding Hair Care

Much like the skin, hair needs some TLC for it to look its best. So with that in mind here are some tips to achieve beautiful tresses for your wedding.


***Visit your hair dresser about 12 months prior to the big day so they can do an in depth consultation regarding colour and condition. Having this consultation 12 months out from the big day will give plenty of time to start in salon and home treatments. The healthier the hair, the better it will look on the day.


***After your initial consultation its advised to visit your hair salon every 6-12 weeks. However, depending on how quickly your hair grows, the condition of your hair and desired colour your stylist will advise how often you need to visit. If your having a complete colour change its advised to do this gradually and to always make sure your hair is being protected with a specialised hair strengthening system. Never decide on a new colour a month before your wedding. Overlapping colour can be damaging for your hair so only colour where necessary and use toners etc for the ends. If growing your hair you will still need regular trims to remove the split ends.


***Homecare is just as important as salon visits and using professional products will improve your hairs condition and complement your in salon treatments. Having a consultation for hair products is important to ensure you are using the correct products for your hair type and so your stylist can explain how and when to use them. Your stylist will advise the correct shampoo, conditioner or treatment (depending on condition).


***Heat protection is super important. If you wouldn’t sunbathe in 30 degrees without sunscreen then don’t apply 230degrees to your hair without heat protection. There are lots to choose from but again your stylist will advise what one is best for your hair type and condition.


***As with skincare, supplements can work wonders for your hair but only in conjunction with a good hair care routine. Hair growth, hair loss and scalp condition is determined by your inner health so staying healthy, eating well, reducing stress levels and maintaining good mental health will lead to healthy hair.


***Visiting your hairdresser for your final cut/colour should be done 10days/2 weeks before your wedding. If your hair growth is quicker, 1 week before is perfect. You want to give time for any little tweaks that might need to be done.


And finally, its always a lovely treat to book in for a wash and blow dry the day before your wedding. It can be a busy day so finding time to do it yourself can be hard leading to it being rushed and possibly not washed correctly. A professional wash and blow dry will leave your hair perfectly smooth for the morning of your wedding.

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