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Bridal Clutch Bag Essentials

As a bride, you don’t necessarily need a handbag on your wedding day, since chances are, you won’t be needing to carry anything like cash, your licence, keys etc. And, you can rely on your trusty bridesmaids, family and friends to hold things for you.

But, if you’re like me, you’ll want a few important items with you at all times. And so, its a good idea to have your own bridal clutch bag to keep all these essentials in one place…


Lipstick, liner & setting Powder
Makeup is a big part of your wedding day, and therefore so are touch-ups. They help keep your makeup in place and everything looking fresh. Your makeup artist will recommend products that he /she feels will work best for you.

Ear buds/Q-tips
These come in handy for almost everything but are especially useful for around your eyes area if you’ve gotten emotional throughout the day.

Safety pins
A wardrobe malfunction is always unexpected, so its a good idea to be prepared! 2 or 3 safety pins in your handbag will sort most dress emergencies.

Hair Pins
There is always a possibility that some hair may come loose throughout the day. A few pins in your bag can save the day and help keep your hair in place


Weddings are emotional!! No question about it and so, you’re likely to cry (possibly more than once). Be prepared by carrying tissues so you can blot away the tears (and those of your spouse if need be) 😊

Gum or Mints
You will be greeting/welcoming guests throughout the day with a beautiful smile on your face so youll need to keep your breath fresh in between conversations

Smelling heavenly on your wedding day goes without saying. So a small bottle of your bridal scent should be popped into your clutch for a quick spritz throughout the day.

A wedding can be a busy day. Lack of sleep, exhaustion, and anxiety is quite common which can see headaches creeping in. To avoid ruining the atmosphere,  having 2 paracetamol in your bag will sort those niggles out.

This one is completely optional!! Personally I highly recommend giving your phone to a friend to take lots of pics for you so that you’ll have some photos to look through the next day rather than depend on people sending you some

P xx

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You’ve spent months planning your dream wedding and the big day is finally here! You have probably dreamt of how your bridal look will come together as you combine your dress, hair and makeup, the perfect pair of shoes, and of course your bridal bouquet.

Flowers are a stunning part of your wedding day but not many brides (or bridesmaids) know how to correctly carry them. Below are my top tips to ensure your bouquet is positioned perfectly…


Ladies remember, your bouquet is not a microphone, don’t hold it up near your face (unless asked to for a photo). The best place to hold it is down at your bellybutton, especially when posing for photos! This one goes for bridesmaids too! It may seem obvious, but with so many other things going on, it can be easy to forget.
By holding the bouquet here it’ll make sure the gorgeous bodice of your wedding dress isn’t hidden by the flowers.
It also keeps your elbows slightly bent, which is really flattering. Too high and your elbows are at a harsh angle. Too low and you lose the flattering window of space between your waist and your arm.


Ballymagarvey wedding, winter wedding, bridal makeup , the fennells photography, pamela matthews hair and makeup

Top or bottom, front or back…
You might laugh at this one, but it’s way more common than you might think. Especially with the trend of wild cascading greenery in the bouquet, it’s not always totally obvious which way is up, down, front, or back.
Most bouquet stems are ribbon-wrapped and will have a row of pearl-tipped pins holding the ribbon in place. These pins will be the back of the bouquet – and you’ll keep those facing toward you.
If it doesn’t have pins and the florist isn’t on hand to ask, use a mirror. Florists are good at designing these bouquets. There’s a rhyme and reason to how they designed it, so reposition it in front of the mirror until you find what looks and feels right


knightsbrook hotel wedding, princess bride, soft glam makeup, rosie and dott bride, pamela matthews hair and makeup

Just like accidentally holding the bouquet too high, it’s easy to forget to tilt your bouquet toward the camera.
It sometimes feels a little funny to be tilting out your flowers, but it displays your bouquet to its best advantage! Whether its for the camera or for your guests’ enjoyment as you walk down the aisle, try to tilt your bouquet away from you just a little bit.


Boyne Hill House, Navan Co MeathBoho Photoshoot Darren Byrne Photgraphy and Film

This isn’t necessarily a tip on how to hold or carry your bouquet but its still something that not many brides are aware of until the last minute.
Your flowers will most likely be delivered in water to keep them fresh, so about 30mins before your leaving, take them out of the water and dry them off. The last thing you or your bridesmaids want is a water mark on the dress with no time to dry it before the ceremony.

ballymagarvey wedding, canadian bride, pamela matthews hair and makeup, darren byrne photography and film

Many photographers are great at directing brides when it comes to the bouquet, they will tell you if they want it held on front, to the side, in one hand etc. Their directions and the tips above will ensure your flowers are always in the correct place!

P xx



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Your Wedding Day

I’m sure you’ve already heard, your wedding day will pass you by in a flash. With all the celebrations, bubbles and emotions it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the final few weeks and especially on the day itself.However, it’s also the time when some of your well though-out plans may be forgotten and result in a couple of post wedding regrets.So, with that in mind, here are my top tips for the day.
Bridal Prep, Makeup artist, meath mua, Pamela MAtthews Makeup, DArren Byrne Photography and film
Darren Byrne Photography and Film

1. Emergency kits

If your doing baskets for the venues bathroom, keep some little bits with you that morning in case of emergency. The most looked for items are: safety pins, needle and thread, nail polish remover, plasters, baby wipes, scissors, cotton buds, paracetamol, antihistamines, tampons, fashion/boob tape and nail files.In addition to the above, have some club soda and/or white chalk nearby incase god forbid you get a mark on your dress.2. Phone
Give your phone to a bridesmaid to take pictures for you. It means youll have some photos on your phone the next day to look through and you won’t be dependent on everyone to send you some.
3. Shoes
Break-In Your Shoes Before the Big Day or choose comfortable shoes!If your shoes are uncomfortable, your wedding could be a real pain—and I mean that literally—making it tough to think about anything other than your aching feet. So be wise, wear them around the house for a few days beforehand or buy shoes that you know wont mow the feet off you!
Darren Byrne Photograhy and Film, Millhouse Slane Co Meath, Autumn Wedding, Pamela MAtthews MAkeup
Darren Byrne Photography and Film
4. Lipstick
Give your lipstick/lipgloss to your groom to mind for you in his jacket pocket rather than in your handbag. Chances are, you wont have your bag with you and youll most likely be with your groom as opposed to the bridesmaids so for topping up, the lipstick will always be to hand!
5. Eat
A wedding day is a very long day and you don’t want your growling stomach to steal the show. Start the day with a good breakfast, and take a short break before you put on your dress to grab something small to keep you going till dinner time. If you can, have breakfast delivered to the house instead of cooking and avoid having the smell of fried food lingering.6. Messages
You will get 60 million texts, WhatsApps, messages etc that morning, wait until the following day or 2 to read them so you can properly take in the well wishes people are sending you and send personal replies as opposed to a quick generic “thank you” . Reading them on the morning only means they’ll be forgotten about with everything else thats going on.7. Photos
Make a list of the people that you know you definitely want photographs with such as grandparents, godparents, best friends, aunts, uncles, cousins etc etc. Your photographer knows the usual, parents, siblings etc and will automatically capture these but trust me on the day you won’t remember the other pics you want until its too late.In addition to the above, put a bridesmaid, groomsman, brother or sister in charge of gathering the people that you want for your photos. Your photographer wont know who aunty Mary or uncle Paddy are so to save time, allocate this job to someone who knows most of your guests.


8. Time

Yes, this is an important one to get right, choosing the right ceremony time is setting your wedding day schedule up for success. You don’t want to choose a ceremony time of 2pm in December as available daylight for location photos would become an issue at 4:30pm. Liase closely with your suppliers before choosing your ceremony time and go with what works best for everyone.9. Little things
Don’t stress about the little things because in the end they don’t matter and people won’t notice. You are the only person who will be looking at everything really closely. Everyone else will be enjoying themselves way to much to notice.10. Stay calm

Focus on staying calm. Let go and let everyone do their job! Its very tempting to constantly check in with people to make sure they are doing what they need to but honestly, if you’ve chosen good suppliers theyll know what needs to be done and when so, sit back, relax and allow them to do what they do best.

darren byrne photography and film, millhouse slane co meath, pamela matthews makeup. autumn wedding
Darren Byrne Photography and Film
11. Do what’s right for you!
Remember that it’s your day so stay true to what you and your fiancé want. Many people will give you advice on everything … listen and smile but in the end, do what’s right for you (but at the same time, be open to what others say, as you might actually like their ideas/perspective.)12. Take Time for Yourselves
Some couples barely get to make eye contact until their first dance, and even then it’s with the eyes of all your guests upon you. With this in mind, try to take some time out together to let everything sink in. After all, you’ve just gotten married!As part of your wedding day schedule try to factor in some time for just the two of you – whether it’s driving between the church and reception, a moment of down-time between photos or a quick stroll after dinner.
And finally… ENJOY!!Most important of all, make sure you enjoy the day. Dance, drink, eat and be merry. Relax, breathe and take it all in. You have worked so incredibly hard to make this the best day of your life, so sit back and revel in what you have accomplished!



bridal prep, millhouse slane co meath, darren byrne photography and film, pamela matthews makeup
Darren Byrne Photography and Film


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Darren Byrne Photography and Film
P x
Photos: Darren Byrne Photography and Film  www.dbphotos.ie
Location: Millhouse Hotel, Slane, Co Meath www.millhouse.ie
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Wedding Morning Playlist

Who says you have to wait until the reception to start the party?

When the champagne is flowing and hair and make-up is underway, there can be no better way to fuel the celebrations than a feel-good playlist featuring the best pre-wedding anthems.

Upbeat and uplifting, your chosen music should psych you up for the ceremony and quash nerves in an instant by allowing you to let loose and have fun with the best gal pals a girl could ask for.

Check out our wedding morning playlist that we’ve created for all you fabulous brides to be. Featuring both old favorites and new hits, its sure to set the tone for the day and promises to get your “I do crew” pumped for the main event 😎❤️



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Bridal Makeup Styles

Choosing your wedding makeup can be tricky. Things to consider are the season, location, venue, theme, dress, skin colouring and undertones, and your regular makeup look. If you’re having a spring/summer wedding most brides tend to go for something light, whereas if you’re having an autumn/winter wedding, it’s the perfect opportunity to rock something more dramatic. Of course, you also don’t want to look unrecognizable as you walk down the aisle, so if you don’t typically wear makeup, go for something more natural.

Bridal makeup is designed to last all day, photograph well, and look beautiful. Just like regular makeup, there are lots of styles you can choose from. These include natural, classic, dramatic, red-lipped, boho — the options are almost endless. You’ll want to choose a look that reflects you and your personality but also brings out your best features.

Natural Wedding Makeup

Natural makeup is ideal for ensuring all-day longevity, focusing on dewy skin and neutral tones. A nude lip means no colourful smudging after a ceremonial smooch, and if you can’t touch up regularly, it won’t be noticeable. A natural bridal makeup look is also perfect as it highlights your features, ensuring you are the best version of yourself on your special day.


Classic Wedding Makeup

A classic makeup look is a lovely option for your big day and is possibly one of the more popular looks. Its elegant, timeless, and won’t go out of style. Keep the eyes soft with velvety browns, and depending on your eye shape, a clean-cut eyeliner. To soften the look further, try a dark brown eyeliner rather than black or even use an eyeshadow along the lash line. Teamed with soft pink lipstick it really is beautiful. Keep your natural features enhanced and not masked for a classic, all-day glamour.

Christmas bride, winter wedding, knightsbrook hotel bride


 Dramatic Wedding Makeup

It is absolutely possible to achieve flawless, romantic wedding makeup and make a statement at the same time. The key is to keep it relatively soft, feminine and flirty. A dramatic bridal look will take your wedding makeup to the next level, playing up your features in the most flattering way
Go for thick full lashes and eyeliner, teamed with smokey brown hues. For bigger eyes, run a pencil eyeliner in your waterline to make your eyes pop. In keeping with the dramatic theme and to make the eyes stand out even more, opt for a nude lip.

knightsbrook hotel wedding, glam makeup, summer bride


 Red Lips Makeup

Timeless and classic, a red lip has long been a favourite of the beauty world and if you’re someone who has a bold, modern style, then this is a perfect option. In choosing the right shade, take into account your skin tone and whether you have cool or warm undertones – this will ensure you get the right colour and hence, the right makeup. If your skin tone is naturally cool opt for a blue toned red, if your on the warmer side, red with an orange undertone will work perfectly. Additionally, go for a long-lasting formula, so your pout is perfect all day.


Station House Hotel, November 2019, Elaine Barker Photography

Boho Bridal Makeup

Boho bridal makeup is the ultimate romantic style for your wedding day and it is so easy to achieve. Keep skin natural and dewy, priming with an illuminator for bright and glowing base. Highlight the high points of your face to accentuate your features while adding some sparkle, and pastel rose lipstick to keep the makeup soft.

jessica bellinter house


Winter Wedding Makeup

Winter is notorious for drying out your skin, so make sure your skin is moisturized and prepped with a good hydrating primer. Additionally, a bold lip for your wedding look will add even more glam – go for plum, berry, and red wine tones for the ultimate winter shade. Keep lids simple and not too dramatic, allowing the lipstick to be the star of the show.

Boynehill house shoot, winter wedding, dark lip


The last thing you need on your special day is worrying about your makeup and whether it is staying on, still fresh, and as beautiful as when it was first applied. To avoid these issues choose an experienced bridal makeup artist. We are trained in how to accentuate your best features and will use only top quality products giving you the perfect finish that will last all day. We know everything that needs to be done to ensure that you will be the glowing bride that you deserve to be.

P xx

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To lash or not to lash

One of the most common questions I get asked by my brides is regarding eyelashes and whether they should consider wearing them on their big day. I absolutely love lashes and the glamour they can bring to your bridal look. They’re a super-easy way to every-so-slightly tweak your makeup routine and make it more special for the big day. When applied correctly, lashes can make your eyes look lifted and open while enhancing your natural eye shape.
Bridal makeup is a whole different ball game to regular makeup applications. Not only do you want to look and feel your best, your makeup needs to last all day, look good in numerous different lights and photograph beautifully.
Aswel as glowing skin, most brides want the focus to be on their eye makeup. They want their eyes to pop and applying eyelashes is a quick and easy way to achieve this. Lashes can add length and thickness to even the shortest and finest of lashes and give that extra definition that will stand out perfectly in your photos.
When it comes to choosing your lashes, generally there are three options:
These are the ones prearranged on a band and come in all different lengths and styles meaning theres something out there for everyone. They can be trimmed to fit every eye shape and size.
Strip lashes are super easy to apply and they quickly add that finishing touch to your eye makeup. Some brides fear strip lashes will lift at the ends but, when using the right glue and with precise application, I can guarantee they will stay in place.
Some of my favourites strip lashes are
Ardell Wispies or Demi Wispies.
Sosu Katie or Sara
Luna by Lisa Freddies
Individual eyelashes are clusters of around 2-5 lashes and are applied individually. This means that, as no strip is being placed across the length of your lash line, these eyelashes are much more comfortable to wear. When wearing these lashes, you will hardly feel that they are there and no one will ever guess they are either.
Individual lashes are also buildable, meaning we can create the desired finish. Whether you’d prefer a natural, barely there look or long and fluffy lashes on your wedding day, these beauties will do the job.
My favourite individual lashes are
Salon System
The most long-lasting option of the three, eyelash extensions are applied to your own individual lashes using semi-permanent glue and generally last between 3-4 weeks.
Extensions are a fantastic option for your wedding day, especially if you’re heading on your honeymoon soon after. Personally, if my brides are planning on wearing eyelash extensions on the big day I like for them to be applied prior to the trial too.
You should always consider the thickness of the lashes you choose. If they are too dense and heavy, your eyelashes can over power the entire look. A lash with a more sparse finish will give a softer effect. Your makeup artist will guide you towards which option he/she feels will work best for the overall look your going for so always consider their advice.

Ballymagarvey Village wedding glam makeup christmas bride winter wedding beautiful makeup

P xx
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Bridesmaids SOS

It’s such an honour to be asked to be someone’s bridesmaid. You’ll be bursting with excitement and ready to talk all things weddings at the drop of the hat.

But if you’re a first-time bridesmaid, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. It’s only natural that you want to help make sure the brides wedding day as brilliant as can be, and that all begins with being a good bridesmaid yourself. Here’s some top tips on how to be just that 😊

Be there to listen.
Wedding planning brings all sorts of stresses especially these days, so you need to be the calm in the midst of the madness. Be the bride’s confidante, let her vent if she needs to and try to help her see the fun side if she’s starting to get overwhelmed

Help her find her frock
More and more brides are opting to keep their dresses a secret from everyone so she can do a big reveal on the day.
But if not, part of your job will be to help her find her dream dress. This is an exciting part of planning but with so many dresses to choose from, it can also get a bit overwhelming. Be honest with the bride if theres a dress that you genuinely think doesn’t suit her but rather than be completely negative, turn it into a positive by suggesting alternatives that you know are more flattering and show off her best features. At the end of the day however, its the brides decision and if she absolutely falls in love with a dress then support her 100%.


Boynehill house bride flowers by moira Darren Byrne Photography and Film


Be honest about your dress (within reason)
At the end of the day all brides have a look in mind for their bridal party so please try accommodate her wishes as much as you possibly can. However, uncomfortable bridesmaids do not make for happy photographs so if theres something that you know you just cant wear then say it. The mix and match bridesmaids look is really popular at the moment and might be the way to go if you can’t decide on dresses that everyone likes.

DO NOT fight with other bridesmaids
You’re a team, so make sure you act like it! Your number 1 priorty is to support the bride so regardless of differences of opinions put on a united front.

Help the bride
Don’t just say, “Call me if you need a hand!” If you know something needs to be done then offer to take that specific task off her hands. Asking for help can be difficult for some brides, so if you take the lead, it removes one more thing from her to-do list.


Knightsbrook hotel wedding morning prep hair makeup bride bridesmaids


Plan the Best Hen Party EVER!
Every bride deserves an amazing hen party but be sure to organise something that you know the bride will enjoy. It can be a tricky to navigate but ask her upfront if theres something that she definitely doesnt want and go from there. Remember that her Mum and possibly the Grooms Mum might be there so keep the really embarrassing stories to a minimum.

Missing guests
This is especially lovely at the moment with so few guests allowed…
Organise messages from friends and family who are unable to attend the wedding. Be it in the form of emails that can be read out during the speeches or maybe get the guests to send a photo of themselves with a message written on the back. The bride and groom will absolutely love it!


segrave barms wedding


Dress fittings
Its also a good idea to be there for the brides fittings if possible. Some dresses can be tricky to close so learn how to help her into it. And pay special attention on how to tie up the bustle, if there is one.

On the day
Fingers crossed everything runs smoothly on the day itself , but it’s always possible that a couple of things might go wrong, if possible try and resolve any issues without telling the bride. She doesn’t need to know about little things that can easily be fixed.

The morning of the wedding is going to be a full of excitement and it can be easy to fall behind, so make sure to keep things moving. The makeup artist and hairstylist will most likely have given a rota so give everyone their time slots and avoid confusion, drama or delays.

Keep an eye on the brides makeup and lipstick all day. It’s up to you to let the bride know if she’s got lipstick on her teeth, mascara smudged under her eyes or if she’s looking a wee bit shiney. The makeup artist will have recommended products for top ups so make the bride has them with her.

Have an emergency kit ready to go on the day full of safety pins, needle & thread, tissues, mints, plasters etc Believe me, you’ll be glad of it.

Stay close by for photos. Not only will you be needed for bridal party shots, the bride might need help adjusting her dress or someone to hold her bouquet! You’re also probably going to need to help round up guests for the various group pics.

Depending on the brides dress, she might need help going to the loo and if thats the case then your on bathroom duty for the day!

Finally, be first on the dance floor (after the bride & groom of course) and encourage others to keep it filled for the night!


P xx


Knightsbrook hotel wedding darren byrne photography and film






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“Tan”-tastic Tips

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to getting married and wanting to look ‘perfect’ in your wedding dress. You might be thinking of getting a tan before your big day; whether it’s a spray tan or a DIY tan. Either way, wedding tan needs to be perfect – that means no streaks and definitely no orange hue. So, whether you’re a pro or a first timer, caution should be taken to avoid disasters


boynehill house boho photoshoot



Sunbeds are never, ever, worth it. Please don’t jeopardise your health for the sake of aesthetics. Especially when faking it is so easy these days. Remember also, sunbeds will dry your skin out and one too many sessions on the beds will age your skin and undo all your other work to have your skin looking amazing .

Always have a trial run…

Never ever book in for a spray tan for your wedding without giving it a go before the big day.
Do you really want to wake up on the morning of the wedding to see a disaster?! No thank you! Tan takes differently on everyone so try it out before hand”
Remember, it takes a good fortnight to completely rid your skin of a spray tan, so you’ll need to allow time for trials if your planning on trying out a few different brands.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!!!

Prep for your tan like an absolute pro!!
Perfect your canvas before you apply any colour as it will make your tan look more alive and not so flat. Invest in a body brush and some gentle exfoliating products. Use both twice a week to clear away dead skin cells.
Remove any unwanted hair and do final exfoliation 24 hours before you tan.


boho makeup boynehill house bobo bride


Speak to your makeup artist…

Does he/she want you to have your face tanned? Do they want you to come tanned to your makeup trial? Personally I dont like my brides to have tan on their face. I find it dries the skin out too much and can sometimes look patchy. I always suggest having tan on for the trial, this gives a better indication of the finished look.

Leave it to the professionals…

If you can, have your tan professionally applied
“I would heavily suggest steering away from DIY tans before your wedding. You want to feel your absolute best on your wedding day, so I would put your trust into someone who is trained and knows what they’re doing.”

If doing it yourself, dont get in a sweat over it – just pay extra attention. Especially around the hand area.
Getting a streak-free finish on the hands is notoriously tricky but using a good handcream in the days leading up to tanning will help keep the skin moisturised. Buffing your tan in using a foundation brush will keep it natural and avoid gathering around the knuckles.

Be realistic with your colour…

Dont go too dark for your natural skin tone or it just wont look right. Especially against a white/ivory dress. 1 or 2 shades darker than your own skin tone is perfect.



Boyne Hill House Photo shoot,


Tan time…

Wear loose clothing (no bras, jeans, tight socks or anything else that’ll leave a mark on your skin) and dont forget to bring flip flops. When leaving the salon, be aware of the weather and avoid rain at all costs. If you’re travelling by car, put a towel between your shoulder and the seatbelt to avoid marks.

The final countdown…

For the last few weeks before your wedding, I highly recommend to stop using developing tans – you’ll want to spend these few weeks focusing on prepping your skin, exfoliating and moisturising. Aim to have your wedding tan applied 2/3 days before the big day. Lets say your wedding is Saturday, get the spray Thursday evening. Shower Friday morning, apply a good layer of hydrating (but oil-free) moisturiser and wear loose-fitting clothes if possible. Avoid using a loofa in the shower – simply wash with your hands and some shower gel.

Some tans I find beautiful for bridal are:

Vita Liberate – really good for fair/medium skin tone

St Tropez – Has a lovely olive glow for Medium /Dark skin tones

Bellamienta or Dripping Gold – Both really rich tans, perfect for Darker skin tones.

Vita Liberate body blur is beautiful as a tan topper if you find your tan is a wee bit flat

Tan really is a personal choice and what looks beautiful on one person might not look the same on you.
For me, I find that tan doesn’t seem to come up very well on my legs. My skin would be quite dry and dehydrated so I really need to focus on getting as much moisture onto them in the weeks before an occasion. Even after all the prep tan will be quite faint so I find a coat of instant tan on top will match them to the rest of my body. This is especially good if you have veins that need disguising too.


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So, your engaged, what happens now?!

Congratulations if you’ve just gotten engaged!! Its such a special time but it can be a crazy time and one which can be quite daunting for a lot of couples. Try not to over complicate things, make a list of whats most important to you and base everything else around that. Some weddings are organised over a 2/3 year time frame, some in just 6 months or less even! The big thing to remember is that its your day so do it your way!!

Photo Credit Darren Byrne Photography and Film

So your engaged , what happens now?

First & foremost… Set up a Pinterest account!!!  No wedding is complete without 50million different wedding boards with pins of dresses, flowers, table settings, favours etc etc all of which are most likely way out of budget but they are dreamy to look at so get pinning!! 😅❤️

Speaking of budget… This is something you need to set from the off. Be realistic, how much can you really afford to save each month? Remember you still have to eat, pay bills etc so don’t overstretch yourselves.

Think about whether you’d like a Church or Civil ceremony. Civil ceremonies are definitely on the increase and people say they love how personal they can be. That being said, we are so lucky to have some of the most beautiful churches on our little island so it really comes down to personal preference.

Time to set your date! Do you like the idea of a summer wedding or have you always dreamt of being a Christmas bride/groom? Being in Ireland, a summer wedding doesn’t always guarantee you good weather so don’t let that sway your choice, regardless of what date you do choose, your day is gona be epic!!

Start venue shopping!! We are absolutely spoiled for choice with some of the most incredible venues dotted all across the country. Would you like a big lavish hotel, smaller intimate country house or is a garden marquee more your style? Either way, you have endless options to choose from so have fun browsing!

Put some thought into who you’d like to have by your side when you say I do! Brothers, sisters, best friends, cousins… it doesnt matter who they are, if your close to them and you know theyll be a great source of support then pop the question and ask them to be part of your bridal party!


Boyne Hill House, Navan.
Photo credit – Darren Byrne Photography and FIlm

Lock in those suppliers!

Once your date is set & venue booked start doing some research into different suppliers. Bands and photographers tend to be the main things booked first with hair, makeup, music etc coming in next but to be honest, its never too early to book any of your suppliers.

Some of my favourite Key suppliers are:

Band/Dj – Men in Black – www.meninblack.ie

Photo – Darren Byrne Photography and Film – www.dbphotos.ie

Video – Doyenne Films – www.doyennefilms.com

Ceremony music –  Jacinta McIntyre /Laura Colgan

Florist Magic Moment Styling – www.magicmoment.ie

Photobooth/Dancefloor/Candycarts – Carolyns Sweets – www.carolynssweets.ie

Room decor – Aisle Love you – www.aisleloveyou.ie

Dresses – Mk Bridal – www.mkbridal.ie

Accessories – ByKyna – www.bykyna.ie

Now for the fun part!! Dress shopping!! 👗 Make a list of 3 or 4 bridal boutiques that you’d like to visit and make appts (covid permitting of course 😕) Once there you might find yourself gravitating towards a certain style but take advice from the boutique assistant, they’re well trained and might have a dress hidden away that’s absolutely perfect for you. I find having an open mind going shopping is the best way 👌

After the wedding is over its nice to have a Honeymoon to look forward to but depending on where you pick this can be expensive. Its a good idea to book this early on in the planning stage and that way you’ll have loads of time to pay it off 😊 Now is a good time to check that your passport dates: this is crucial for your honeymoon!!

Don’t forget the legal/religious parts of getting married. The marriage registration deadline is 3 months before the wedding so best to get this done ASAP. Likewise pre marriage places fill up pretty quick so no harm getting this done early too.

Time to dress the bridesmaids, the Groom and groomsmen!! There are so many different styles and colours of dresses to choose from for your bridesmaids but I think the most important part is to make sure the dresses suit all the ladies. No-one wants to feel uncomfortable and sometimes mixing & matching dress styles within certain colours works really well. Suits can be any colour these days too, grey, navy, maroon, check… The list is endless and guys are looking more and more dapper nowadays.


Finer details

Make note of what transport might be needed on the day. If you plan on hiring wedding cars get that booked. If your on a budget, why not ask family & friends with nice cars if they’d be willing to lend their wheels for a couple of hours.

Get the party started!! Stag and hen parties aren’t necessary but there’s nothing more fun than a get together with friends and family before the big day. These wont organise themselves though so delegate this to a bridal party member that you trust!! Try have these a couple of months before the big day, that way if anyone loses an eyebrow itl’l have time to grow back 😉

Choose and order your invitations and stationary. Handmade/DIY are a lovely option too but it can be extremely time consuming so keep this is mind. Start collecting guests addresses for the invites if your planning on posting them. Now is also a good time to look at prayers and readings etc for your ceremony booklets.

Once your dress arrives in store they’ll contact you when its time to start fittings. Most boutiques will have an in house seamstress but if yours doesn’t offer an alterations service you will have to organize this yourself. Make sure you use a seamstress who specializes in wedding dresses. Ask the boutique who they recommend. Attending your first fitting is a good time to try on veils, jewellery and shoes with the dress and see what works best with it. Most boutiques stock a small range of accessories but if you don’t find what your looking for, dont stress, there are lots of high street options too. Scheduling your hair & makeup trial for the same day as one of your dress fittings is a super way to check if everything compliments each other.


Dress – Mk Bridal Headpiece – ByKyna Photo Credit – Darren Byrne Photography and Film

When purchasing your wedding rings it can be nice to use the same jewellers you bought your engagement ring from Most jewellers will offer a discount for returning couples.

Final Numbers and seating plans are probably the most stressful part of planning!! Most guests will send back RSVPs on time but be prepared to chase the last few for an answer!! Once you know whos attending you can then get started on your seating plan!! It can be relatively straightforward but do put some thought into it before finalising it. You don’t want any drama at your wedding so keep possible troublesome guests apart…if you can! 😂

And Finally…

The week of your wedding will be spent running around doing so many little jobs that cant be done before hand…

Contact all wedding suppliers and make sure everyone is organized for the day.

Give your emergency contact number to all suppliers.

Organize wedding rehearsal a night a two before the wedding, this is a nice opportunity to get family together.

Collect your wedding dress & try it on one last time to make sure everything is perfect.

Compile a list of family members and photos you want taken on the day and give it to your photographer.

You and your bridesmaids deserve to relax and get pampered so book in to have your nails/tan done…time to unwind!

Collect the Grooms suits, make sure all groomsmen attend final fitting and if you’ve bought the suits best to try them on one last time!

Organise outstanding payments for all suppliers, place in separate envelopes with their names on it and give it to someone you trust to hand out on the day.


I know it may seem really hard but do try and get some sleep the night before. Your wedding day is a big day and you want to be on top form!


Once the day is here – ENJOY ❤️❤️


Photo credit – Darren Byrne Photography and Film
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DIY Bridal Makeup

Wedding day hair and makeup is so important to most brides. You want to look back at your photos knowing that you not only looked amazing but felt amazing too. As a result of this 99% of brides will opt to hire a professional hairstylist and makeup artist.

However, with the new restrictions in place and your hairstylist and makeup artist no longer permitted to work this isnt an option at the moment. Brides are now faced with having to do their own hair and makeup. Doing it yourself can be daunting, so, with that in mind I’ve put together this little piece packed full of little tips and tricks that I really hope you find useful.



The Look

First and foremost, decide on the look you want to achieve. Do you want dewy skin? Are you more a full coverage kinda gal? Are smokey eyes your go to? What about lip colour? When brides come to me for a trial, these are the questions that I ask and depending on the answers I use them as a guide to create the look. I also ask my brides to bring some pictures of makeup looks that they like as these are a great way to get inspiration. Another great idea is to look back at photos of yourself and pick 2 or 3 that you really like your makeup in and base your look around this. Try to stay away from trends as they will come and go, your photos however, will be with you forever. Put all your focus into looking like the best version of you and you are guaranteed to look beautiful.

Use top quality products

If there’s one time you shouldn’t go for the dupe versions of your makeup, it’s your wedding day.  All eyes will be on you, and there will be a ton of pictures so the last thing you want is uneven eyeshadow or foundation creases. High end products have a higher price tag for a reason, because they are good and in my opinion worth it. This is particularly important for foundation. Cheaper foundations may not last well, aren’t geared towards professional photography and can be hard to work with to get the flawless base we all crave.

Do a trial run

This is especially important for brides that don’t usually wear a lot of make-up. Its the best way to figure out what you want and to avoid stress on the big day. Take lots of photos afterwards so you can review them later and decide if you want to make any changes. Be sure to take photos outside so you can see how the natural light affects your make-up application too.


So, how do you actually apply the makeup? Keep reading to find out.



Step 1: Prep your skin

Much like your foundation you need choose the correct primer for your skin type. If your oily, you need to mattify your skin. If your dry, you need to add moisture. And if your a combination of both then personally I would use 2 separate primers, one to target the oils and the other to hydrate the dryer areas. (If having 2 separate primers isnt an option then focus on combatting the oils as this will break down your foundation quicker) If your someone that has a lot of open pores in the centre of your face then I would lightly recommend a pore minimising primer too.

My favourite primers are:

Oily Skin –

Estee Lauder, Mattifying primer

Laura Mercier, Oil free foundation primer

The Ordinary, High adherance silicone primer

Smashbox, Pore minimiser lotion


Dry Skin –

Bobby Brown, Vitamin enriched face base

MAC, Natural radiance base

Estee Lauder, The Illuminator, Radiant perfecting primer


Remember, before applying any primer, all skin needs to be moisturised regardless of being dry or oily. I love the Embryolisse, Lait Creme Concentre for this. Its a super light moisturiser designed for all skin types.

Once your primer has had time to sink in you can then look at applying a liquid illuminators to give that lit from within glow. (Use sparingly if your very oily or have a lot of open pores.)

I love both the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter or NARS Tinted Glow booster for this. They work amazingly under foundation and wont cause it to slip while giving the perfect amount of glow to your skin.


Step 2: Your eyes

Once I’ve prepped the skin I always move straight onto eyes. If there’s any mistakes or eyeshadow fall out, it’s easy to correct without disturbing the rest of your make-up.

Its a good idea to neutralize any uneven colour on the eyelids before applying any eyeshadows. The eye base should double as a primer and make your eyeshadow waterproof and longer-lasting. I love MAC paint pots in Painterly and Soft Ochre, BPerfect Eye Primer or Urban Decay Primer potion for this. They don’t necessarily need to be set but I like to give a light dusting of powder to stop any creasing.

A subtle smokey eye can look amazing for a bride but stay away from black shadows and anything that can look too heavy in photos. A more natural make-up look  with the focus on brightening and opening up your eyes will be much more complementary. Use light brown or taupe shades and build your colour intensity by applying a small amount each time. MAC Saddle, Swiss Chocolate, Cork, Wedge, Soft brown and Brown Down are just some of my favourites to work with. Remember to blend, blend, blend and when you think you’ve blended enough, blend some more.

A little pop of shimmer on the lid can be very flattering in your photos but try to avoid anything too glittery or chunky. MAC Woodwinked, Expensive pink or Honest are gorgeous on brides and give the perfect amount of frosting needed.

If your not confident with gel liner then your wedding day is not the day to attempt it. Using a black or very dark brown eyeshadow, you can press it gently along your lash line to minic liner and give you a fuller lash effect. Smudging is slightly will soften the look and remove any harsh lines. A sweep of the mid tone browns underneath the eyes will define them perfectly.

A couple of individual lashes on the outer corner will open your eyes up beautifully but if the thoughts of applying false lashes puts the fear of god into you then avoid and fire on a couple of coats of good waterproof mascara. Max Factor 2000 calorie is my own personal makeup bag staple but MAC Extended play, NARS Climax and Benefit Bad Gal mascaras are highly rated too.


Step 3: Foundation

When selecting a foundation it’s important to work with your skin type instead of against it. If you have oily skin – Avoid foundations boasting a dewy finish. If you have dry skin – Avoid a matte formula.

Some of my favourite foundations for bridal are:

NARS, Sheer Glow ( a good all rounder and suits most skin types unless extremely oily)

Estee Lauder, Double Wear Light ( Brilliant for Combination or Oily Skin)

Georgio Armani, Luminous Silk ( Amazing for dry or mature skin)

Selecting the correct shade of foundation can be tricky but  and if in doubt I would always opt for a lightly lighter shade and use a bronzer to darken if needed. If your planning on wearing tan on the big day make sure your foundation is matched to your tan shade and not your natural skin tone.

The key to your bridal makeup lasting is layering so when applying your foundation, start with a very light layer and build gradually in areas that you feel you need a bit more coverage. Avoid going in too heavy with product as it’ll be hard to blend along the jaw and hair line. Blonde ladies especially take note!


Step 4: Concealer

Concealer is best applied after your foundation and should really only be used in areas that you need it. Over use will give a mask like effect and wont look natural. Using a shade or 2 lighter than your foundation for under the eye area and centre of your face will have a brightening effect. If using to cover blemishes try match it to your foundation shade and use sparingly so as not to have the opposite effect and end up highlighting the blemishes.

The most common areas to conceal is the inner corner of your eyes, around your nose, the chin and centre of your forehead. Using a tapping motion ensure its blended seamlessly into your foundation.

My most used concealers are:

MAC, Pro longwear concealer

NARS, Radiant Creamy concealer

Estee Lauder, Double Wear Stay in Place Concealer

MAC, Studio Sculpt Concealer

NARS, Soft Matte Concealer


Step 5: Powder products

Powder is always a must to ensure longevity! Using a finely milled translucent formula it will help set your base and blur the look of fine lines and pores without adding any weight. I don’t powder all areas though, I focus more so on the areas that tends to get shiny like the T Zone. Too much powder can look cakey so use a light hand.

My go to powders are:

Laura Mercier, Translucent loose powder

By Terry, Hyaluronic powder

MAC, Mineralise Skinfinish Natural

MAC, Studio Fix Powder

Charlotte Tilbury, Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder


Once your happy with your base its time to add some colour with bronzer and blush. Using bronzer first apply it directly under your cheekbones sweeping it both up onto the temples and below the jawline. You want to bronzer to add some gentle warmth to the skin so try to avoid anything too dark.A cooler toned bronzer can be used under the cheekbones for some extra sculpting/contouring if your after a more chiselled look.

Some bronzers I love are:

MAC, Mineralise Skinfinish natural powders in Medium Tan, Dark Tan, Dark Golden & Dark Deep

Charlotte Tilbury, Airbrush Bronzer

Benefit, Hoola Bronzer

NARS, Laguna Bronzer ( I adore this is the cream version but it can be tricky to blend cream products so powders are best if your not confident enough)


For blush there are so many options to choose from, cream, powder, matte, shimmer etc. Personally, I love a peachy toned blush with a satin finish but it really is personal preference. I would recommend trying out a few before the big day to see what one you like most. I have to admit, I adore a liquid blush on a bride but they do require practice to get the hang of blending properly. Powder is definitely the safer bet.

If your skin tone is fair/light look for soft pink, light coral or peach tones.

Those with a medium/dark skin tone rich pinks, warm mauves or deep peach will work beautifully.

Blusher should always be placed on the high apple of the cheek (the fullest part when you smile), try not to go too close to the nose or too high up onto the cheekbone.

Some blush products that I adore are:

Milani, Rose D’oro, Luminoso & Dolce Pink

MAC, Margin, Peechkeen, Melba, Dolly mixture, Well Dressed, Springsheen

NARS, Orgasm & Torrid (Both powder and liquid)

Charlotte Tilbury, Beauty light wand in Pinkgasm & Peachgasm


No bride is complete with out some highlighter to emphasize her already glowing cheekbones. Apply lightly to the highest points of your cheek bones, sitting directly above your bronzer and sweep it up towards your temples. Down the bridge of your nose, the tip of your nose and cupids bow are also great areas to highlight and will look beautiful in photos. Again use a very light hand to keep it natural. You can always add more in areas that you like more intensity. Liquid highlighters are absolutely stunning on the skin but as with the liquid bronzer they can be tricky to blend correctly so unless you know what your doing, id tend to stick with powder.

My all time favourite highlighters are:

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Amrezy highlighter

MAC, Soft & Gentle

MAC, Lightscapade

Becca, Champagne pop

Charlotte Tilbury, Beauty light wand in Glowgasm


Step 6: Eyebrows

Your eyebrows should look naturally full and well-shaped. Use a precision pencil to fill in areas of sparseness with small, hair-like strokes. Finish them with a brow gel to fix them in place and create the look of a flattering full brow.

Benefit gimme brow pencils are fab.

BPerfect Indestructi’Brow are also super.


Step 7: Lipstick

The lipstick you choose for your wedding day can alter the whole look of your bridal makeup so it’s important to get it right and feel comfortable wearing it. If you don’t normally wear colour on your lips, your wedding day is not the day to be road testing.

The shade you wear is very much a personal choice but I will help choose a colour combination that I think will suit you & compliment the rest of the bridal makeup I have applied.

Below is a list of shades that I know works well for brides and many of my clients continue to wear their bridal lip colour long after their wedding day.

Nudes are by far the most popular option when it comes to bridal lip colour. They are perfect for the natural brides or those who want their eyes and dress to do the talking.
Some of my favourite nudes are:
Velvet Teddy
Creme Cup
Peach Blossom

Charlotte Tilbury :
Kim KW
Penelope Pink
Dancefloor Princess

Pinks are beautiful on a romantic bride. From baby pinks to deep magenta theres wide range to choose from.
Some of my favourites are:
Please me
Hot Gossip

Charlotte Tilbury
Secret Salma
In Love with Olivia

A red lip on your wedding day is a massive commitment but when worn with confidence is absolutely stunning!! Finding the perfect red can be a challenge but there is a red lipstick out there for absolutely everyone!! If your natural skin tone is fair with pink hues look for a red with blue undertones. If your more olive skinned a red with an orange hue will work best.
My favourite reds are:
Ruby Woo
Lady Danger
Russain Red

Charlotte Tilbury
Red Carpet Red
Walk of Shame


Tom Ford
Ruby Rush
Cherry Lush




Give yourself enough time to finish your make-up and then step away for a while. You might feel like you’re wearing too much, but leave it to settle for an hour and then re-visit it.

Wear a white dressing gown or t-shirt while applying your make-up trial to mimic the colouring of your dress on the day (if you’re wearing white, that is!)

Practice your wedding day look a few times and take lots of pictures inside and outside with flash and no flash.

Some people enjoy doing their own makeup; others find it stressful. If you know your going to be stressed, think about clearing the room so it’s relatively calm, and just having one person on hand to help.

Set aside an hour and a half for your make up on the day. The best way to avoid getting flustered is to take your time.

Work out a time you need to be in your dress by (usually an hour before your due to leave) and aim to have your makeup finished about 1/1.5 hours before this.

Finally, enjoy your morning. Dont let the events of 2020 ruin what should be the happiest day of your life.

P xx

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Seagrave barns wedding, rustic bride, covid bride, michelle and neill, segrave, barm wedding

Once, twice, three times a Covid Bride.

April 24th, August 3rd, September 11th – it was 3rd time lucky for this covid couple.

Meet Michelle and Neil ❤️

This fun loving duo met at Galway races ladies day back in 2014! Both keen horse racing enthusiasts, neither could have ever imagined that their biggest win that day would off the tracks.
After a whirlwind romance and twin boys to complete their little family, Neil brought Michelle back to Galway to propose on the Claddagh pier after an Ed Sheeran concert. A true romantic, Neil thought it fitting to incorporate the English songwriter into his proposal as his was the very first concert they had gone to together. ❤️

Once the ring was picked, Michelle (with Neils help Im sure 😅) threw herself full force into planning what was to be the most spectacular day. Seagrave Barn was the venue of choice and its easy to see why. With its rustic style barn to party in until the wee hours, an old converted farmhouse to get ready in and the panoramic seaside views, whats not to love about it.

Seagrave Barns


Having all the important larger elements of the wedding booked, it was time to start dress hunting! Michelle originally thought she wanted something soft and flowing but having tried on numerous dresses, decided on a gorgeous fit & flare lace dress from the signature collection in Wed2b. The shape and style complimented her amazing figure beautifully 😍 A pair of stunning Rachel Simpson shoes and the most incredible pearl, bead & crystal adorned headpiece, both from Frilly Frocks, would finish her look off perfectly.


With only 4 weeks to go until the big day that they had dreamed of, surrounded by their handsome boys, beautiful families and wide circle of friends, Corona hit and had Michelle and Neil in a tizzy. Do we reschedule, do we ride it out and see what happens but alas full lockdown was announced so they had very little say in the matter. They pushed out to August hoping everything would have settled by then but noone could have predicted the overwhelming scale of distruction this pandemic would cause and unfortunately with big numbers on their guestlist and restrictions still in place the duo were forced yet again to reschedule. This time however, having sat down with their families and spoken about it at great lengths, the lovebirds decided that they just wanted to be married so set the date for the very next month. The guestlist was shortened considerably to keep within guidelines but everything else remained in place meaning Michelle and Neil were able to get excited about their new would be wedding anniversary ❤️

The day itself was like any other wedding day. Having stayed at the venue the night before with her bridal party and family, Michelle was full of excitement when I arrived early on the morning of the 11th September. The buzz of a wedding morning was well and truly alive with Michelles Mum feeding us all, the bridesmaids trying to ply us with prosecco and preparations in full swing.

At Michelles trial she showed me pictures of her dress and accessories, I knew instantly that she needed and old school Hollywood type look to compliment everything. Beautiful glowing skin, softly defined eyes with the emphasis on her liner and a gorgeous berry toned lip transformed Michelle into the most beautiful bride.
In the lead up to her big day Michelle really focused on her skincare, had regular facials, ate well, drank lots of water and most importantly sought the advice of a skincare therapist to ensure she was using the correct products for her skin. Very little product was needed on the day to give Michelle the glowing look she so desired.

Once Michelle was transformed into the Hollywood starlet she deserved to be it was time to meet the man of her dreams and become his wife.

Having had to cut numbers from 260 and knowing that Michelle was feeling sad for all the people that couldnt be with them, Michelles sister Nicola surprised her with a fabulously decorated wooden pallet with photos of everyone that couldn’t share in the special day attached to it. Each photo had a special message written on the back for the bride & groom. A gesture sure to draw tears from even the hardest of hearts. Michelles good friend Una also organised to have the day live streamed so that anyone who wanted to could tune in & see the loved up couple say their I Do’s ❤️

For anyone ensure about whether to reschedule or not, Michelle says…

” Just go for it!  Originally we were holding out because we wanted the big wedding but we soon realised that the most important thing is marrying the person you love. All the people that you couldn’t invite will understand as it’s totally out of your hands. Having smaller numbers was actually lovely and intimate and the restrictions didnt dampen our day at all. We had to finish by 11.30 but other than that everything felt normal. Dont over think it, no need to stress out about it at all, everything will fall into place and just enjoy every minute. We had the best day of our lives”

P xx



Venue – Segrave Barn, Dunanny


Dress – We2b, Drumcondra


Bridemaids – Dresscode


Headpeice – Frilly Frocks, Drogheda


Shoes – Rachel Simpson, Frilly Frocks, Drogheda


Flowers – Darling Buds.Carlow


Photo & Video – VMmediastudios


Hair – Ursula Carroll

Cake – Michelles friend Aisling Hanratty

Skincare advice – Leah Cooney

Leahs Holistic Beauty


segrave barns wedding segrave barn weddingsegrave barn weddingsegrave barn weddingsegrave barn weddingsegrave barn weddingsegrave barn weddingsegrave barn weddingsegrave barn weddingsegrave barn weddingsegrave barn wedding



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boho on the boyne, wedding styled shoot by Pamela Matthews

Boho on the Boyne

Boho weddings arent going anywhere anytime soon, in-fact they’re getting more and more popular. Boho brides can embrace the theme through their dresses, hair, makeup, accessories and decor. Think flower crowns, macrame, flowing dresses and colourful textiles.


With that in mind, 21st July saw some of Irelands top wedding suppliers gather in Boyne Hill House for my debut creative lead on a shoot – normally I am just the make up artist but I had a vision which is in line with the trend of boho and I knew I had to bring this to life. There is no I in team and I knew I needed the best in the business to help with my vision so I called on the talents of the following suppliers to deliver:


Darren Byrne Photography and Film
Wild Feather Event Styling
Mk Bridal
By Kyna
Magic Moment Styling
Boyen Hill House photo shoot
Boyne Hill House. Photo credit Darren Byrne Photography and Film
Boyne Hill House was the venue of choice and for those not familiar with it, this wouldn’t be a typical boho venue.  I wanted to show that boho is not isolated, it’s transitional and can work anywhere really with some clever styling.
What is important with Boyne Hill House is that it has the service and quality to deliver a superb wedding experience and that’s primary to any wedding style. We didn’t just want style however, we wanted substance too and with so many beautiful areas dotted around this stunning venue we were more than spoiled for choice!! Its easy to see why Boyne Hill House is a favourite amongst couples and photographers alike.
The Secret Garden, Boyne Hill House. Photo credit Darren Byrne Photography and Film
Secret Garden, Boyne Hill House. Photo credit, Darren Byrne Photography and Film.
Darren was always going to be my photographer of choice on this shoot. His vision is completely aligned with mine and for couples, its really important that your photographer can share what your idea of success looks like. Darren is fun, daring and gives great direction to get that all important money shot.
Secret Tunnel, Boyne Hill House, Photo credit Darren Byrne Photography and Film.
To bring a full boho look together, it’s essential that there are decor nudges that transport your guests to that feeling of natural, laid back beauty. Introducing Wild Feather Event Styling. Having followed Laura on Instagram I knew I had to have her involved. She is a true visionary and has hand picked and crafted boho decor that gives the perfect boho experience.
Boho picnic by Wild Feather Event Styling. Photo credit, Darren Byrne Photography and Film.
When it came to the look, there was only one place I was going to visit for dresses and that was MK Bridal. Mairead is a premium stockist of top designers such as Enzoani, Paloma Blanca, Sottero and Midgley, Essense of Australia, Rosa Clara and of course the main boho brand Willowby by Watters. She handpickeds each of the dresses stocked in her fabulous state of the art studio and her eye for detail is second to none.
For accessories, it had to be By Kyna. A Milliner and designer specialising in bridal & occasion accessories, Kyna creates heirloom quality bridal headpieces, veils and capes.
boyne hill house photo shoot
Essence of Australia D2840 from Mk Bridal. Andrea draped veil from ByKyna.
Photo Darren Byrne Photography and Film.


A boho insipired look wouldnt be complete without wild, rustic and free spirited flowers. Having worked with June on many a wedding I knew she’d create exactly what was needed for the shoot. Using pampas grass, dried wheat , eucalyptus, avalanche roses and gypsophelia to name but a few June put together bouquets and flower crowns that can only be described as awe inspiring.
Boho inspired bridal bouquet from Magic Moment styling
Boho inspired bridal bouquet from Magic Moment Styling. Photo Darren Byrne Photography and Film
I cant complete this piece without a nod to our star woman and stunning Model Laura Cunningham from Catwalk Models! She was a dream to work with and is an absolute credit to Mandy and all the team in Catwalk. Her professionalism, ability to take direction and eagerness to get that perfect shot shone through all day.
When it came to her hair and makeup, nothing screams boho more so than long flowing curls and beautiful glowing skin. Laura has the most amazing mane of luscious locks and a natural radiance to her skin so bringing our vision to reality was a dream to create.


Massive thank you to everyone involved in this shoot, without them this dream wouldnt have become a reality. I knew I had to have the best in the business so reached out to my fellow Weddings On Line suppliers and the response was phenomenal. Sara from Irish Wedding Blog was also massive source of support and arrived on the day to give a helping hand, so huge thank you to her for that.
Special word of thanks has to go to Darren for all his hard work behind the scenes on the images. Lots more exciting shoots to come from us.
P xx
Darren – Darren Byrne Photography and Film
Laura – Wild Feather Even Styling
Mairead – MK Bridal
Kyna – By Kyna/Stash Studio
www.bykyna.ie / www.stash.ie
June – Magic Moment Styling
Laura – Catwalk Models
Aine – Boyne Hill House
Sara – Irish Wedding Blog



Dress: Essence of Australia D3145
Headpiece: Lulu Crown in Gold

Boyne Hill Photo shoot

Dress: Fielding By Sottero & Midgley
Headpiece: Willow Crown in Gold
Chair: Peacock Chair by Wild Feather Styling
Dress : Nala by Willowby by Watters
Earrings : Pamela Earrings by Stash.ie/By Kyna
Hat : Models Own (Willow Crown in Gold By Kyna added to it)
Dress: Cruz by Sottero & Midgley
Flower Crown & Bouquet: Magic Moment Styling
Picnic: Wild Feather Event and Styling
Dress: Essence of Australia D2840
Veil: Andrea draped veil By Kyna
Arch: Wild feather even styling

Boyne hill boho shoot

Dress: D3145 by Essence of Australia
Hairband: Belle Hairband By Kyna and Celestia Crown by Stash.ie
Massive thank you to everyone involved in this shoot, without them this dream wouldnt have become a reality. Therefore, I knew I had to have the best in the business so reached out to my fellow Weddings On Line suppliers and the response was phenomenal.
Special word of thanks to Darren for all his hard work behind the scenes on the images. Lots more exciting shoots to come from us.
P xx


Darren – Darren Byrne Photography and Film
Laura – Wild Feather Even Styling
Mairead – MK Bridal
Kyna – By Kyna/Stash Studio
June – Magic Moment Styling
Laura – Catwalk Models
Aine – Boyne Hill House
Sara – Irish Wedding Blog
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