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To lash or not to lash

One of the most common questions I get asked by my brides is regarding eyelashes and whether they should consider wearing them on their big day. I absolutely love lashes and the glamour they can bring to your bridal look. They’re a super-easy way to every-so-slightly tweak your makeup routine and make it more special for the big day. When applied correctly, lashes can make your eyes look lifted and open while enhancing your natural eye shape.
Bridal makeup is a whole different ball game to regular makeup applications. Not only do you want to look and feel your best, your makeup needs to last all day, look good in numerous different lights and photograph beautifully.
Aswel as glowing skin, most brides want the focus to be on their eye makeup. They want their eyes to pop and applying eyelashes is a quick and easy way to achieve this. Lashes can add length and thickness to even the shortest and finest of lashes and give that extra definition that will stand out perfectly in your photos.
When it comes to choosing your lashes, generally there are three options:
These are the ones prearranged on a band and come in all different lengths and styles meaning theres something out there for everyone. They can be trimmed to fit every eye shape and size.
Strip lashes are super easy to apply and they quickly add that finishing touch to your eye makeup. Some brides fear strip lashes will lift at the ends but, when using the right glue and with precise application, I can guarantee they will stay in place.
Some of my favourites strip lashes are
Ardell Wispies or Demi Wispies.
Sosu Katie or Sara
Luna by Lisa Freddies
Individual eyelashes are clusters of around 2-5 lashes and are applied individually. This means that, as no strip is being placed across the length of your lash line, these eyelashes are much more comfortable to wear. When wearing these lashes, you will hardly feel that they are there and no one will ever guess they are either.
Individual lashes are also buildable, meaning we can create the desired finish. Whether you’d prefer a natural, barely there look or long and fluffy lashes on your wedding day, these beauties will do the job.
My favourite individual lashes are
Salon System
The most long-lasting option of the three, eyelash extensions are applied to your own individual lashes using semi-permanent glue and generally last between 3-4 weeks.
Extensions are a fantastic option for your wedding day, especially if you’re heading on your honeymoon soon after. Personally, if my brides are planning on wearing eyelash extensions on the big day I like for them to be applied prior to the trial too.
You should always consider the thickness of the lashes you choose. If they are too dense and heavy, your eyelashes can over power the entire look. A lash with a more sparse finish will give a softer effect. Your makeup artist will guide you towards which option he/she feels will work best for the overall look your going for so always consider their advice.

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